About Us

Raised on art and skateboarding…

Aces Tattoo started in 1995 with Kevin Cox, RobRoy Hiestand III, and Jared Isenberg. Raised on art and skateboarding they have built the shop into what it is today. Aces Tattoo has been a staple in the Reno tattoo community for the past 21+ years. At Aces there is an artist to fit any style of tattooing from American Traditional, realism, illustrative, new school, to Japanese. The shop that can meet all tattoo needs taking both walk-ins and appointments for large scale custom pieces. Open seven days a week from noon to eight and are open till ten o’clock on Fridays and Saturdays, with Saturdays schedule being kept open for walk-ins.

The Crew

  • Kevin Cox
    Kevin CoxOwner
    • RRIII
      • Jake Griffin
        Jake GriffinArtist
        • Sean Hansen
          Sean HansenArtist
          • Nikki Costalupes
            Nikki CostalupesArtist

            Aces Tattoo initially opened … on July 5, 1995 on Wells Avenue.

            Aces Tattoo initially opened as Aeros (Kevin’s old graffiti name) on July 5, 1995 on Wells Avenue with Rob Hiestand, and Jared Isenberg as apprentice/counter – help with Kevin Cox coming up from Santa Cruz, CA often to sit in and help out as often as possible. The impetus for opening the shop in the old slow days of the time was we knew that there was a need for a more progressive, younger tattoo shop that knew what “tribal” was or could do “new school” tattoos. The two other shops at the time were the more classic traditional old school/ biker type of deals.

            So..lets open our shop!

            …finally packed up … moved back to Reno, NV … got the ball rolling with the original crew.

            In 2000, Kevin finally packed up and moved back to Reno, NV and got the ball rolling with the original crew all together…changed the name to Aces and it was on. Stayed at the original location for a few more years, hired a few more guys as the demand was more than we could handle, and then moved to the location most of you are familiar with: the corner of Virginia and St Lawrence street. Remodeled it, cleaned it up, and began the transformation of the “midtown” area as being cool and not just bums and dilapidated buildings.


            …with a sense of style and aesthetics transformed the once dumpy boring place into the gleaming beautiful edifice of today.

            After 12 years of slaving away and churning out thousands of tattoos
            and growing to 5 tattooers and landlord issues, we moved to our current location- next door. As the old saying goes, ” Third time’s a charm” and in our opinion, true words. The new location was built in 1920 and was home to Black Hole Body Piercing for a few years until a fire made them move. It sat empty for a few more years and then was completely renovated in 2006 and a antique, knicknack shop was there until we moved in. Tattoo artists with a sense of style and aesthetics transformed the once dumpy boring place into the gleaming beautiful edifice of today. Countless hours were put in to make our spot the coolest and nicest in town, Rob doing the VCT tile floors, the vintage cabinets, custom- stained hardwood floors were installed, new siding signage, landscaping, glass, and on and on.

            Setting the standard since ’95!

            Not only are we very proud of our place, we are very stoked on the artists and the work produced. Guys like Jared busting out amazing traditional- style pieces with his own unique flair, Sean with his rad black work animals and crazy- line mandalas, Rob banging out his cool style of fine line b/w tattoos and awesome artwork throughout the shop, Jake holding up his end with solid tattoos of pretty much anything, Nikki bringing in a more feminine aspect and offsetting all the testosterone, plus lastly Kevin for rounding up the shop portfolio with theJapanese vibe. And…the counter guys, Amaro and apprentice to be, Drake, keeping it real up front by being helpful, courteous, and eager to help with whatever questions you may have.

            Setting the standard since ’95!